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Pharmacy Mall is a company known worldwide as the source of high-quality generic medications. All the drugs allowed for sale are produced in accordance with the Indian FDA. Since 1997, our pharmacy takes one of the leading places in the pharmaceutical market.

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Company Review

From the first days of its operation, the drugstore has set a goal to care about the health of people from all over the world. And today, after more than 20 years, our representative office is delighted to ensure customers with preparations for various medical conditions.

We specialize in the sale of a wide range of products. We offer customers a large selection of medications, herbal supplements and skincare products. You will appreciate the variety of products for male and female health.

Convenience of Ordering

In an effort to make the choice of our customers as quick and easy as possible, our company has created an online catalog by means of which you can find all the necessary information: the availability of products, the price per pill and per package, the description of the products and the feedback from our customers about the website performance.

A qualified staff of Canadian Pharmacy will provide professional advice on issues of interest, will help you choose the right products. All the questions are sent over a contact form. All the inquiries are processed as fast as possible maximum within 48 hours. Руку there is an email for you to address the customer care department at any time of the day and night:


  • Certified Products: availability of quality certificates for the entire range of the products and their storage conditions
  • Wide range: we operate in all the countries worldwide. We offer a range of more than 300 items in 27 categories.
  • Perfect service: We strive to exceed your expectations, and therefore constantly improve the quality of service and interface convenience.

Our mission sounds like “Caring for the health of the world”. We give everyone the opportunity to get a new level of medical service.

Worldwide Delivery

We ship orders to almost every country by Regular Mail or Courier Service. In most cities in Canada, we deliver the orders within 24 hours. The order is delivered in an opaque envelope, without inscriptions, talking about the content! All products that are represented in the online store are in stock. The delivery time to other destinations depends on the distance, but, as a rule, does not exceed two weeks.

Our Specialization: Generic Drugs

Generics are certified copies of branded drugs that are identical to them in all technological aspects of production, composition, effect, and effect. The only difference between the generic and the brand-name product is the lower cost of the first due to the lack of costs for research and advertising. Our reliable online drug store offers high-quality certified generics of the most popular drugs. We guarantee their high quality and offer the lowest prices.

Benefits of Our Generics

  • High quality. We represent only certified products and directly cooperate with their manufacturers, which allows us to guarantee quality, efficiency and safety of all products;
  • Wide selection. This section presents a large selection of the best modern generics with an impeccable reputation and proven high-quality reliable drugs, among which it is easy to choose the best drug;
  • Affordable cost. The price of generics is always significantly lower than that of the originals, however, by ordering meds in our online pharmacy, you save even more – thanks to the favorable pricing policy, discounts and bonuses;
  • Security. Buying generics in Pharmacy Mall, you get a quality drug and can avoid counterfeits.

Why Buy Generics at Our Online Pharmacy?

  • We cooperate with direct manufacturers of all drugs presented on the website;
  • The most effective drugs. Like expensive brand-name pills, generics have a pronounced therapeutic effect, quickly eliminating various problems;
  • The lowest prices. We offer certified generics, which will be available for purchase at any budget. Our products will allow you to save a lot, without overpaying for the advertised brand. Direct cooperation with manufacturers allows us to keep the lowest price level;
  • Impeccable reputation. Generics for women and men offered on our website confirm their high quality and are in high demand in the global market. Safe and reliable medications quickly eliminate sensitive issues, helping you once again feel the joy of a fulfilling life;
  • Bonuses, promotions, discounts. The easiest way to understand how effective generics are is to buy them. Our online store offers additional gifts for each of your purchases so that you can try even more modern quality products at no extra cost. Thus you can find the most suitable treatment option;
  • Optimal conditions. We offer optimal conditions for everyone who buys our generics: delivery of the order is carried out by postal services even to remote locations. You will surely appreciate effective treatment without overpayments and long wait! Our online drug store works around the clock, so you can purchase the necessary meds online, get competent advice on products, choose the most suitable delivery option at any time. You can order products in one minute by selecting the desired item and clicking on the “Buy” button.

Our Bestsellers

  • Kamagra is used to eliminate sexual dysfunction, prolong sexual intercourse and prevent premature ejaculation. Kamagra will help relieve a man of self-doubt and allows you to get a powerful erection for a long time. The special formula improves blood flow to the penis and naturally excites the man. The pills can be purchased at an affordable price compared to the original drug, which does not affect the quality of the effect and duration of action;
  • Levitra allows you to return male power, prolongs sex and allows you to increase self-esteem. The main substance vardenafil eliminates the rapid outflow of blood from the penis, thereby ensuring a powerful erection. The composition is suitable for long-term treatment of impotence on the background of endocrine disorders. The drug is available for sale at any convenient time, the price is affordable;
  • Cialis Soft is another tablet used to treat erectile dysfunction. The drug has a long-lasting effect of 36 hours – this is the time during which you will be “ready” for sexual intercourse. The advantage of Cialis is that it acts not only as a single-acting drug but is also recommended by most doctors for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence. Cialis has quickly won the leading position among ED drugs. Active ingredient Tadalafil begins to act 30 minutes after intake. Cialis Soft starts to act faster than regular Cialis because soft tablets dissolve under the tongue very quickly. The tablet can also be taken with alcoholic beverages and/or with fatty foods;
  • Viagra Soft increases the rush of blood to the penis. The remedy acts on the natural functions of the body, increasing erection, making it more long-lasting and stable. The duration of Viagra Soft is different for everyone, but it is at least four hours after taking the pill. The drug should be taken 20-30 minutes before the intended sexual intercourse. The pills can be taken every day, but not more than once a day. To get the desired effect, a man should be sexually aroused. Viagra Soft starts to act faster than usual Viagra because soft tablets dissolve under the tongue quicker. The drug can also be taken with alcoholic beverages and / or with fatty foods.

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