Birth Control Pills Including Alesse

Birth Control Pills: What are They?

Hormonal birth control pills include:

  • Combined oral contraceptives;
  • Contraceptives containing only progestin;
  • Partially – other types of intrauterine contraception.

Most civilized women prefer combined oral birth control pills including Alesse according to some reasons:

  • Firstly, they are more physiological – comprising a combination of two hormones, and thus adjusted to the greatest degree to natural female body hormonal rhythm.
  • Secondly, they are very reliable. They have the lowest Pearl Index – 0.1-1. Alesse Birth Control obtains the same Pearl Index that’s why it is very sought after medications among female customers.
  • Thirdly, combined oral birth control pills have a mass of beneficial “side” effects. For example, they give the rest for ovaries. Menstrual cycles on a background of birth control application – anovulatory. Ovulation does not take place.

Alesse Birth Control as combined oral contraceptive means provides the central and peripheral effect. Generic Birth control pills central effect is shown when estrogen and progestogen, coming from outside, inhibit release of pituitary luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH). It prevents follicles development in the ovary and thus ovulation.

Birth control pills peripheral effect is expressed in developing endometrial atrophy which prevents embryo implantation, improving cervical mucus viscosity, which inhibits sperm penetration into the uterus.

How do Generic Alesse Control Pills Work in Female Body?

During Alesse application, ovaries have rest – it is reliable protection against, for example, cancer. Reversible endometrium atrophy is the prevention of hyperplastic processes in the uterus – that is, besides prevention of background and precancerous diseases, therefore, oncology.

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Alesse Canada allows our ovaries relax. And myth that of combined oral contraceptives including Alesse Birth Control influence growing a beard and developing obesity. Modern drugs are comprised of a very low dose of hormones. And if you do not smoke two packs a day, if you have no running thrombophlebitis and you do not weigh a hundred and twenty kilograms – combined oral birth control pills including generic Alesse are not harmful!

In addition, combined oral birth control pill – Alesse is psychologically comfortable: menstrual is present (as opposed to contraceptive preparations containing progestogen only). The ovaries and endometrium rest – and menstrual is present.

What are Alesse Birth Control Advantages?

  1. high efficiency;
  2. presence of therapeutic effect for women with various female disorders;
  3. reducing the risk of cancer of endometrium, breast and ovarian cancer;
  4. easy to use;
  5. possessing androgen action and is used in case of body hair overgrowth;
  6. predicting presence and absence of menstruation in a woman;
  7. Alesse online can by taken by even young women;
  8. reviews about Alesse Birth Control are almost positive.