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General Description of Viagra Professional

One of the most popular ED drugs is Viagra Professional. This remedy is a complete analog of the branded blue pill, in the composition of which same active ingredient is present (sildenafil citrate). This medication is designed for use by men suffering from erectile function disorders. The drug is successfully coping with symptoms of impotence and quickly […]

Side Effects of Levitra

The most common Levitra side-effects include a headache, facial flushing, and indigestion. The majority of men do not experience any side-effects of this drug. Even when they appear, they are usually mild and temporary. Less common side-effects are high blood pressure, insomnia, and blurred vision. According to the researchers, 3,4% of the people stopped taking the […]

Contraindications of Viagra

The main contradiction for Viagra is hypersensitivity to Sildenafil citrate. Its use in case of the allergy to some components may cause side effects or complications of chronic poisoning disorders. To avoid the adverse effects of the drug to the body, start taking this drug with minimal doses. The PDE5-inhibitor is not recommended to men under the […]

Generics of Levitra

Levitra is known all around the world. In the course of clinical multicenter studies, it has proved its ability and efficiency to solve a delicate problem – erectile dysfunction. These) tablets helped millions of men to restore confidence and self-esteem. This drug doesn’t just cure impotence – it resolves serious psychological problems, which provoke impotence. You […]

Cialis: Side Effects, Contraindications

Cialis is considered to be a medicament, it also has contraindications and side effects. And these actions cannot be neglected, as it may lead to serious penile malfunctions and body as a whole. Side effects of Cialis are associated primarily with the wrong dosage as a result of self-medicating, an important factor may be an […]

Viagra Dosing and Administration

Viagra Dosing and Administration are important to comply with. Canadian Health&Care Mall will introduce you the correct administration mode.The tablets are taken orally about 1 hour prior to sexual activity. Before you buy Viagra online, remember that the recommended dosage of the drug is 50 mg. In accordance with efficiency and tolerability of the preparation, the […]

Levitra Contraindications

Absolute contraindications for Levitra: Simultaneous use with nitrates or drugs, which are nitric oxide donators; Simultaneous application of active or moderately potent inhibitors of CYP3A4, such as ketoconazole, itraconazole, ritonavir, indinavir, erythromycin, and clarithromycin; Children under the age of 18 and women; Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug. Safety of Levitra formula has not been studied […]

Viagra Interaction with Other Drugs and Alcohol

Viagra is able to improve the situation with intimate life of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. But people who decide to buy Viagra on our website should be informed about its interaction with other drugs and alcohol. Violations of the clearance rate Medics have noticed that some drugs slow down the rate of sildenafil clearance rate from […]

Levitra Interactions

Make sure to study all Levitra interactions, as the PDE5 inhibitor may not be compatible with some chemical substances. What is important to know about Levitra? Simultaneous use of vardenafil and ketoconazole, itraconazole, ritonavir, indinavir, and produces a significant increase in the concentration of the basic substance – Vardenafil – in plasma; Simultaneous use of cimetidine (400 […]

Generics of Cialis

Cialis main generic name is Tadalafil. What is it? How does it work? Let’s answer this questions but first of all grapple with the fact what generic medications are? What are Generic Drugs? Generic is a medication with proven pharmaceutical and biological equivalence of original drug. That is, a drug having the same composition of active […]

Cialis Professional: Description of the Drug

Cialis Professional is a popular drug used for treating erectile dysfunction problems, its improved formula gives new drug’s properties. Erection becomes more powerful and longer orgasms emotionally richer. Additionally, maximum penis filling with blood allows it to increase significantly in size that will bring your sex life to a new level. You can buy Cialis […]

Levitra: Introduction

Levitra is a powerful tool, made to fight the erectile function disorder and premature ejaculation. This is one of the most popular and demanded Canadian drugs. The main advantage of the PDE5 inhibitor is long-term and qualitative impact, providing a strong erection. The structure includes safe ingredients, that do not cause addiction even with prolonged use, […]