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Male Pattern Baldness: Causes, Types, and Treatment

Well-groomed fashionable haircuts and beautiful hairstyles – all these are indispensable attributes of a successful man who takes care of his appearance. Bald patches and bald spots will surely upset every man. Some men get tired of the unsuccessful struggle against baldness and prefer to radically change their image shaving their head. However, such a […]

What are the Best SOFT Pills for Erectile Dysfunction?

“Soft” preparations for erectile dysfunction are designed for resorption under the tongue and are characterized by the quick assimilation, and the active substance gets directly into the blood, bypassing the stomach. All drugs can be consumed with alcohol and fatty foods, so they are quite suitable for use during a heavy dinner. In Canadian Health&Care […]

Top 3 Treatment Options for Male Pattern Baldness

Thick hair makes any man look cool. Good hair gives a beautiful appearance and attracts the attention of women. However, with age, the quality of hair becomes worse: they become thin and fall out. But today this problem can be solved. In this article, you can read about the most popular methods for male alopecia […]

Male and Female Pattern Baldness: Causes and Prevention

Many people face a serious problem – uncontrolled hair loss on the head. According to statistical data, alopecia in various forms occurs in 70% of the male population. The disease affects only 25% of women. To successfully fight alopecia, it is necessary to determine its causes. The exact mechanism of alopecia is unknown, despite the […]

How To Lead a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle helps us fulfill our goals and objectives, to successfully implement our plans to cope with difficulties as well as colossal overloadings. Good health, maintained and strengthened by the man himself, will allow him to live a long and joyful life. In this article, Canadian Health&Care Mall will teach you how to treat […]

Basic Rules of Healthy Lifestyle

Recent years it is impossible not noting ever-increasing interest towards a healthy lifestyle. Sooner or later you start to think that way of life, which you keep now affects health not in the best way. And it will be great if it will happen sooner. Most often, a person starts to think about their lifestyle […]

Benefits of Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements are formulations in form of herbal liqueurs, extracts tinctures (alcohol), infusions (without alcohol), creams, dry and liquid concentrate, syrups, tablets, powders. It is necessary to distinguished flavoring, color- and form-building supplements from nutritional supplements, which do not make up for nutrients in body but are used to improve taste, appearance, and safety of food […]

How to Eat Properly and Feel Perfect?

Balanced food is the base of a healthy lifestyle. Together with physical activity, it helps to normalize weight, to become slim and to reach harmony. Following simple healthy lifestyle tips of this article, you will easily correct the ration and will look and feel better, than ever before! Healthy Nutrition: Strive for Balance Dreaming of […]

The Advice How to Organize a Healthy Nutrition

Healthy nutrition is the truest base, as the general healthy organism condition, excellent mood and appearance depend on it. No cosmetics can replace the correct food system. Following the elementary rules of healthy nutrition, you will avoid the majority of diseases and will have a countless resource of energy! Main Principles of a Healthy Nutrition […]

Is it Difficult to Follow a Diet? 8 Important Rules

Healthy food is a basis of long life without pains and diseases. Besides, healthy food is an also excellent appearance: purity and good color of skin, hair, a slim figure, a beautiful smile and other things. At the same time many people think that it is enough to follow a certain “magic” diet or take […]

Nutrition Components

They are divided into the following types: Macronutrients: nutrients needed in large quantities for the body, in dozens of grams per day. The main components are protein, carbohydrates, fats, which provide energy and material for the update of the organism. Also, macronutrients include water. The person has to drink two liters daily; Micronutrients: nutrients needed […]

Treatment of Tiredness

How to stop feeling tired all the time? Probably, very often. We all work, study, try to achieve something in our life. But for one people fatigue may be a pleasant reward for a successful day of active work or the result of workout in the gym, and for other people it’s a “harmful” fatigue, […]