How To Lead a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle helps us fulfill our goals and objectives, to successfully implement our plans to cope with difficulties as well as colossal overloadings. Good health, maintained and strengthened by the man himself, will allow him to live a long and joyful life.

In this article, Canadian Health&Care Mall will teach you how to treat your body and keep it in good shape. These tips are to some extent fit for every conscious person who chooses to be on the path of recovery and lead your life in order. If you have useful experience in this area, feel free to share your tips in comments, take part in the discussion.

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Health is a priceless wealth of every individual and society as a whole. With meetings and partings with people close to us, we always wish them good health, because it is the main condition for a full and happy life. In our country, ARVI and seasonal virus affect more than 30 million people annually. The reason for this is that more than 80% of the population of a weak immune system. The immune system is performing like a clock, it must be maintained on a daily basis, not just during flu epidemics! How to charge your immune system? The answer is simple – to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Human’s immunity is organism’s ability to defend itself against various “enemies”, ie foreign genetic information. On the one hand, the immune system protects the body in general, and on the other – it depends on overall health state as a method of healthcare promotion. If an individual is active, strong, agile, and resilient, his immunity will be fine, and if weak and passive, then the immune system will be respected.Healthy lifestyle
The immune system protects us from the influence of external negative factors, it is a kind of a defensive line against the negative action of:

  • bacteria;
  • fungi;
  • viruses and the like.

Without a healthy and efficient immune system becomes weak and more often people suffer from various infections.

The immune system protects the body from its own cells with a broken organization, lost their normal properties. It finds and destroys these cells, which are possible sources of cancer. It is generally known that vitamins necessary for the formation of immune cells, antibodies and signal substances are involved in immune response and may be ordered online. One of the main aspects of healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition.

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In addition to proper nutrition, we will give you fifteen effective ways to charge your immune system, live healthily!

Main Rules of Being Healthy

  1. Exercise
    Exercise improves overall health and lymphatic system functioning, detoxifying body. According to studies, people who exercise regularly, suffer from the cold by 25% less likely than those who do not keep a healthy lifestyle. However, do not be too zealous. Totally 30-60 minutes a day of sport allows you to become healthier because more serious load will make you weaker. Be sure to include in program push-ups – they contribute to better lungs and heart performance. Be sure to do exercises to press – it will improve gastrointestinal tract and urogenital system functioning.Daily morning exercises – mandatory minimum of physical activity a day.You must make it a habit, like washing in the morning. Jennifer Cassetti, a martial arts instructor from New York, said that she has never become ill. “I believe that a holistic approach to exercise calms the mind and helps to relieve stress”, – says Jennifer. – “And cardio, strength exercises generally help strengthen the immune system.” According to Cassetti, her health has changed dramatically since she started eight years ago martial arts practice. Prior to that, she was smoking, she was a girl who ate late in the evening and in the morning drinking a lot of coffee.
  2. More Vitamins
    Each of us is needed vitamin D, which is found in salmon, eggs, and milk. Studies have shown that many people do not get enough vitamin C, – says Elizabeth Politi, nutrition director at Duke Diet & Fitness Center. Citrus – a great source of vitamin C. “The fact that vitamin C prevents cold, – is a myth” – she says. “But getting the necessary amount of vitamin C from fruits and vegetables charges immune system.” Zinc also has anti-virus and anti-toxic effect for immunity which is very important. It can be obtained from seafood, from raw grains and brewer’s yeast. Also, drink tomato juice- it contains large amounts of vitamin A.
  3. Tempered!
    Your assistant in charge of a healthy lifestyle can be body tempering. It is best to start applying it from childhood already. The easiest way to tempering – air baths. Water treatment is of great importance in process of tempering – strengthening the nervous system, favorably affecting heart and blood vessels, normalizing blood pressure and metabolism. First of all, it is recommended for several days to rub body with a dry towel, and then move on to wet wiping. To begin you need to sponge oneself down with warm water (35-36 C), gradually moving to cool water, and then to pour. In summer, water therapy is better to take in the fresh air after physical loadings.
  4. Take Protein
    By means of protein protective factors of immunity are organized – antibodies (immunoglobulins). If you eat a little meat, fish, eggs, milk products, nuts, protein simply cannot be formed.
  5. Drink Tea
    Almost 5 cups of hot tea a day can significantly improve your body. From an ordinary black tea, L-theanine is produced, which is broken down by the liver to ethylamine – a substance that increases the activity of blood cells responsible for immunity. It is worth noting that all this only applies to high-quality varieties of tea.
  6. Take Fun!
    According to studies, people with positive emotional style are happy, cool and full of enthusiasm, and less prone to cold. Fun and healthy way of life are inseparable. In this way, healthcare is very simple. Cohen and researchers at Carnegie Mellon University interviewed 193 healthy subjects for two weeks on a daily basis and recorded information on positive and negative emotions that they have experienced. Then they were subjected to “test” effects of cold and flu viruses. Those who experienced positive emotions had a few cold symptoms and greater resistance to disease.
  7. Engage in Meditation
    Santa Monica, a yoga therapist, believes that meditation is able to improve physical and emotional health. “Meditation Classes helps calm my nervous system and allows the immune system to function with less noise,” – she said. “Calm mind – calm body.” “The greatest change is peace of mind and sense of relief,” – says Santa. – “I am often sick when she was young. My sleep has improved and I made it easier to cope with constant stress. ” In a study published in Psychosomatic Medicine journal in 2003, researchers found that volunteers who participated in eight weeks training in meditation significantly increased a number of antibodies against flu than those who do not meditate.
  8. Do not be Nervous!
    Prolonged stress causes a powerful blow on immunity. By increasing level of negative hormones, it suppresses secretion of hormones that help maintain health. Learning to cope with stress, you stop the flow of excess hormones that just make you fat, irritable and forgetful.
  9. Get out of Depression
    Apathy and indifference are one of the main enemies of strong immunity. American scientists have found that women suffering from depression, occur immune system changes, and they are more prone to viral diseases than those who enjoy life.
  10. Minimum Alcohol
    According to numerous studies, alcohol limits leukocytes performance, identifying and destroying infected cells and viruses themselves. Remember that alcohol and a healthy lifestyle are incompatible.
  11. Sleep as Element of Healthy Lifestyle
    Sound sleep – one of the best ways to stay healthy. People who sleep for 7 – 8 hours definitely do the right thing. But more than 8 hours sleep is not recommended. A good night sleep strengthens the immune system. The fact is that during the night melatonin level increases enhancing the immune system.
  12. Wash your Hands!
    When you wash your hands, do it twice. Researchers at Columbia University have been studying this problem together with volunteers, they found that a single washing of hands has practically no effect, even if people use antibacterial soap. So wash your hands twice in a row, if you want to drive away cold.
  13. Attend Sauna
    Once a week, visit the sauna. For what – because according to research carried out in Austria in 1990, volunteers, who were often in the sauna, suffer from a cold considerably less than those who do not go to sauna at all. Most likely, hot air inhaled by man annihilates common cold virus. Already, most gyms have their own sauna.
  14. Gifts of Nature:

    • echinacea;
    • ginseng;
    • lemongrass.

    Take herbal teas for therapeutic purposes as well as for prevention.

  15. Probiotics. It is useful to use products, which increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the body. They are called probiotic, their list includes onions and leeks, garlic, artichokes, and bananas.

You want to be healthy – keep a healthy lifestyle. Your new motto: no lying on a couch, more exercise, and fresh air! Stress – the main enemy of immunity. Throw away all sorts of negative experiences and be less nervous. Try to get as many positive emotions and take care of proper nutrition, as a result, your health will be on a satisfied level.

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