Innovative Options for ED Treatment

Impotence is an erectile dysfunction due to which a man is unable to complete full sexual intercourse. However, a man should distinguish between “single” failure during sex with a constant lack of erection. If difficulties with an erection appear more often than at each 4th sexual intercourse, please make an appointment with a urologist.

However, even if you have a similar ailment modern sexologists are able to provide assistance to almost every patient. Modern medicine knows many methods to fight erection dysfunction and will help you choose the most effective approach.Innovative Options for ED Treatment

Impotence treatment

Treatment of erectile dysfunction is a complex procedure, therefore it is extremely rare that a doctor prescribes only one treatment option. A characteristic feature of the complex treatment is the combination of therapy. This combination will help restore potency and fight against complexes that may occur as a result of the disease.

Impotence treatment options


There are situations when an erection is absent during sex only. This indicates psychogenic impotence. In this case, the patient does not need medical treatment options, but a psychotherapist consultation. He will help the patient to understand himself and give advice that will help him overcome the lack of sensuality.

Drug treatment

There are two types of medications aimed at treating erectile dysfunction: pills that restore the erection for just a couple of hours, and medications that treat the exact cause of ED. For example, hormones, vitamins, and dietary supplements.

It is worth noting that medications against erectile dysfunction are not necessarily pills. There are cases when a patient is prescribed ointment, injections or a solution. Each organism is individual, therefore, during treatment, some patients may experience an allergic reaction.

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Vacuum treatment

Vacuum treatment is a fairly popular treatment option. It is carried out using pressure, which is created thanks to a special device that is launched before sexual intercourse. A pump pumps blood into the penis, an erection fixes a ring worn on the penis. An erection is maintained for up to 30 minutes. This method can serve as a temporary solution to the problem, but it does not cure the root disease cause.


Perineum massage is a common treatment for erectile dysfunction, mainly because it helps restore blood flow. In addition, massage relieves stress and favorably affects the sensitivity of the genitals.


Physiotherapy exercises promote muscle development and improve blood flow. Also, exercise therapy is created to smooth out the effects of pressure on the genitals. It occurs due to the fact that men wear tight underwear. Performing the exercises assigned to you daily, you can improve the quality of sexual intercourse and improve your body as a whole.

Surgical intervention

If the above methods do not help, then the doctor will probably advise you to operate on the vessels or make a penile prosthesis. Given the possibilities of modern surgical intervention, the chance that your genitals will work again is 95%. However, this method has a significant drawback, it is very expensive.

Shock wave therapy

Shock wave therapy is a method of treating erectile dysfunction, discovered recently. Experts have already managed to verify its effectiveness. The basis of its action is the growth of new blood vessels caused by exposure to acoustic waves. This normalizes the erection mechanism. In just two weeks of treatment, the result will be seen. This therapy helps most patients.

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As you can see, even if erectile dysfunction is an extremely unpleasant disease, this can be treated. Modern medicine can save you from this problem in two ways. All that required is not to neglect the disease and visit the doctor at the first symptoms.