Main Rules of Day Start

There is the truth: how you will spend the first few hours after waking up, the same will be the whole day. How to wake up full of strength and energy, because awakening is reflected in appearance and health in general?

Such basic things as morning exercise and healthy delicious breakfast, make it possible to be ready for everything during the day and let you set the mind on positive things. Made in the morning exercise stimulates metabolism as one of the methods of health care, which in turn helps body burn calories faster. If you come across with weight gain problems you are welcome to visit Canadian Pharmacy Mall where you will find medications effective at weight loss.

How to Start the Day Correctly?

your daily moodPlanning the Next Day

Before going to bed, it is necessary to write on a sheet of paper interesting events that are waiting for you tomorrow. Many people wake up in poor spirits. This is due to hormonal fluctuations during the night. If, however, before going to bed thinking about pleasant events awaiting you the next day, you can quickly raise your mood.

Bright Colors

While waking up you will see bright colors, there will be a leap of adrenaline and burst of energy. Of course, it is not necessary to repaint walls in “fusion” of color, it is enough to wake up seeing bright pillow or picture, which is dominated by red and orange hues. Also, getting out of bed, you can put on clothes of bright colors. During breakfast, it is preferable to drink a glass of pomegranate juice or cranberry.

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Fresh Air

Having warm room it is easier to fall asleep, but after sleeping in a well-heated room, people often wake up with a heavy head. Sleep will be more effective if you must ventilate the room beforehand. The most comfortable temperature for sleeping is 15-20 degrees.


Nosegay in front of eyes while waking up will raise female spirits and recharge your energy for the whole day.


Opening eyes, close them immense and visualize a certain image: imagine yourself active and energetic. If you visualize the pattern of intense activity, those areas of the brain will begin to work, as well as areas responsible for the activity.

Alarm Clock

The alarm starts ringing, and many people click a button to postpone it and begin to fall asleep again. But brain knows that soon alarm will ring again, so sleep has not Alarm Clockcome out. An alarm should be put on a time when you really need to wake up. Continuous sleep will allow better recover and feel cheerful.

Glass of Water

To compensate for liquid lost during the night, and to cheer up in the morning it is necessary to drink 250 ml of cold water. If the body does not have enough liquid, then it is rather difficult for the body to work, man will suffer from constant fatigue. The loss of even a few percents of water causes physical and emotional decline. During the day you need to drink about two liters of liquid. Take care of your health following such a regimen.

Stimulate Facial Muscles

Face massage will increase blood circulation and will become a beneficial means to help wake up. You should start from forehead to chin and down by pressing different points or performing pat on the skin with your fingertips. This morning everyday procedure will give skin a healthy glow.

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Sunlight causes joy, a burst of energy and vigor, stops melatonin production – a hormone that is responsible for falling asleep and increases serotonin level – a hormone that improves mood. It is not bad to get out to the balcony with a cup of coffee. If you have to get up before dawn, you must immediately turn on lights. Now on market there appeared light alarm clocks. They depict dawn, which is engaged in for half an hour before getting up and reaches the highest brightness when alarm call. Penetrating through eyelids, light sends signals of awakening.