Is it Difficult to Follow a Diet? 8 Important Rules

Is it difficult to follow a diet? Healthy food is a basis of long life without pains and diseases. Besides, healthy food is an also excellent appearance: purity and good color of skin, hair, a slim figure, a beautiful smile and other things. At the same time many people think that it is enough to follow a certain “magic” diet or take diet pills throughout certain time to reach beauty and symmetry, and then it is possible to afford fat high-calorie food again. And so, remember: healthy food has to become the principle of all your life, but not a month or a week! The healthy nutrition is “one-way ticket”, and if you aren’t going to keep it all the time, – you should not even begin.

How to start a healthy diet? It’s not difficult to get used to healthy food. Actually, only 21 days are needed for the person for the development of a long-term habit. Of course, you’d better address a diet doctor if you have such an opportunity.

How to get used to healthy food in three weeks?

  1. Eat with small portions 5 times a day, that is every 3 hours. Buy a small 200 gram plate and there will be no temptation “to eat too much”. Also, you may purchase a small spoon and a fork. Let your family laugh if they want, and you will become slim at this time!
  2. The breakfast has to consist of porridge (buckwheat and oat – the best choice!), fermented milk products and fruit. At the same time, it is better to eat fruit in 20-30 minutes after the main food so that no “fermentation” begins in a stomach. Nutritionists recommend using whites and vegetables (crude or stewed) for lunch. At the same time, it is possible to afford low-fat meat, fish, a liver or eggs as protein-containing products. You’d better limit your dinner to a plate of low-fat cottage cheese or a glass of low-fat kefir. There have to be two “snacks” between three main meals, it may be nuts, fruit, yogurts, various berries;
  3. sportYour organism should receive enough clear water. It is necessary to drink a glass of water in 20 minutes prior to each meal. And during food and within 40 minutes after it try not to drink! In total, it is necessary to drink not less than 2 liters of water per day, and during a heat even more. But don’t drink just before the night, otherwise, you will wake up with the swelled face. Nutritionists recommend having green tea without sugar (it is possible with a honey spoon). As for fruit juice, fruit drinks and compotes, most of the modern nutritionists consider that advantage of them is not that great, you’d better eat natural fruit – a juicy crackling apple, sweet cherry or ripe raspberry. You may afford any fruit, except bananas and grapes, but no more than 300 g per day;
  4. If you are a sweets’ lover, it is possible to afford some delicacy (not too fat!) in the first half of the day, till 12 o’clock. And it is better to refuse sugar at all and replace it with a moderate amount of honey (the norm for the adult is 1-2 tablespoons of honey a day);
  5. Exclude white bread from your diet menu! Let it become an impossible product for you! Refuse completely products from high-grade flour: scientists proved its unconditional harm for an organism. If you can’t without bread – choose rye, it is possible to use dietary small loaves;
  6. If you want to pass to healthy food in three weeks, do not starve! You can eat meat, only not fat pork or mutton, and dietary chicken, a turkey or a rabbit. However, beef is good too, only without fat. At least two times a week you dinner should include fish, and desirable – sea fish. You may afford yourself seafood – shrimps, mussels, squids, octopuses, cuttlefishes. Eggs and bean are a good replacement for meat, they are good sources of protein;
  7. Whenever possible replace potatoes with spinach, vegetable marrows and a cauliflower. Spice your food with chopped greens. Try not to fry food, and to stew, steam, boil or use in the raw;
  8. Once a week makes a pleasant fasting day – choose the most suitable for yourself and enjoy kefir, buckwheat cereal or grapefruits. Let the organism feel lighter!
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It is quite possible to get used to a diet plan in three weeks. And then, as soon as you want a fried potato, just remember what you managed to reach, praise yourself and think, what a pity will be to lose reached. You will manage it!

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Healthy nutrition for different ages: healthy lifestyle tips

Health and beauty of the woman wholly depend on what she eats. Balanced food and a correct diet will help your eyes shine and sparkle, keep energy and a desire to be catching even after 50-60 years.

Diet for a Woman in Her 20s

food32If you are 20 years old, it’s allowed not think of the ration. It is possible to eat everything in this age! The advantage of youth is that it requires no calories and grams counting. The secret is that the woman’s organism aged 20-30 is ready to become pregnant at any time, your organism controls your weight itself, regulating it towards the norm. Get more details about a healthy pregnancy diet.

Diets and restrictions in a nutrition at this age are harmful! Even if you gain two-three extra kilos, it will be easy to get rid of them, having played during weekend tennis or skiing. Rigid restrictions can lead to hormonal failures, and even to infertility in, especially serious cases.

What to Eat in Your 30s?

Having overstepped this bound, twoman4he woman has to think more about her health and appearance. Between 30 and 40 the hormonal background changes, you can gain weight without expecting. Besides, the thoughtless food saturated with fats can create problems with blood vessels. So – get used to some restrictions on food!

  • Refuse fat meat and fried chicken wings. Instead of them, you’d better eat white low-fat fowl and sea fish. Don’t fry, but bake or steam. Each meal has to include vegetables and fruit surely!
  • Refuse to have a snack “on the run”, semi-finished products and fast food. It is clear, that the period from 30 to 40 is a time when we actively build a career, and there is often not enough time for a normal lunch. And still, follow your regimen.
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The Over 40 Diet

Buy more oranges! They will help to keep your skin young and elastic. Eat mainly fruit and vegetables, in general.

  • Eat fermented milk products every day: cottage cheese, cheese, kefir, yogurts, curdled milk etc.;
  • Never overeat – even on a visit, even on a holiday even if it is very tasty! One overeating at the holiday table will do irrevocable harm to a figure: to liquidate its consequences you will have to work very hard in the gym.

Keep in mind that after 40 signs of aging become quite noticeable, and they are expressed not only in the first (or maturenot the first) gray hairs and wrinkles. Besides, the metabolism is slowed down, there are fatty deposits, and muscles, on the contrary, become less and lose elasticity.

The problem of excess weight comes to the forefront. And still, try to delay the moment when you have to go on a rigid diet. In most cases, it isn’t obligatory at all.

Having noticed the addition of kilograms, you shouldn’t sound the alarm: just change a food allowance.

  • Exclude sausages, pies and donuts from your ration, put emphasis on vegetables and fruit, porridges, sour-milk production.
  • Include fish and seafood in the diet: they contain a lot of useful substances which will help you to keep good mood, refusing fat meat. A handful of mussels, for example, will be enough to feel satiety and adding a cup of boiled rice and tomato to them, you will form a decent, healthy and low-calorie dinner. Seafood, in addition, has a magic ability – it slows down aging processes.
  • Refuse white loaf and fancy bread. Instead, you’d better buy grain dietary small loaves – they will be suitable for having a snack, instead of cookies.
  • If you put a couple of pieces of cheese on such small loaf, you will be able to have breakfast, just cook as an addition a plate of porridge or buckwheat, and drink it down all with green tea.
  • It is necessary to tell about alcohol separately. There is an opinion that small doses of alcoholic drinks are useful to health, however, it is rather a myth – similar researches weren’t conducted, and the advantage of alcohol isn’t proved. But harm of alcoholic drinks on health and a figure is obvious.
  • At last, even if still you didn’t know what is physical exercises, it is time to go for sports. It isn’t obligatory to buy the subscription to the gym at all, try to exercise at home for about 40 minutes every morning: extensions, abdominal exercises, jumps through a jump rope, – generally, do what is pleasing to you and brings pleasure.
  • Forget about elevators: reach the floor only on foot. And surely walk in the fresh air, for example, 3-4 stops to your work and back at a fast pace. If to carry out all these recommendations, your waist won’t see excess centimeters.
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A Healthy Diet after 50

Having reached this beautiful age, remember that excess weight appears almost surely: these are features of a female body from 50 to 60 yeas old. It is much more difficult to get rid of this weight than at younger age.

By the way, excess body weight after 50 is not only a question of aesthetics. weightsSerious excess of optimum weight it is fraught with such unpleasant phenomena as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even development of cancer tumors.

  • Pay the closest attention to physical activities!
  • Refuse animal fats completely, that is fat meat, any sausages, milk and sour cream. Pastries, candies and other tasty fancy bread are now for you now. Eggs will be necessary to be limited.
  • A green light is given to seafood: you have to eat it at least two times a week. Meat is allowed only in low-fat kind. Buying cottage cheese, choose low-fat sorts too. Don’t refuse to eat a herring, a mackerel and salmon: these grades of fish are rich in an omega-3 with the fatty acids which are very useful for the heart activity and don’t bring extra kilos.
  • Instead of butter and margarine, you’d better buy vegetable oils: sunflower, olive, corn.
  • The most useful products at this age are broccoli, nuts, beet, cheese, yogurt, sea fish. They are necessary for a healthy weight loss diet.
  • Spend much time in the fresh air, not sitting on a bench, but walking a vigorous step. The same recommendations remain urgent after 60-70 years old.

At any age, a woman should pay a special attention to vitamins, required for her health. You may buy vitamins at Canadian Health Care Mall at the beneficial price: Amalaki, Spirulina, Becadexamin, Zincovit and others. Also, try weight loss drugs: Xenical, Mega Hoodia, Orlistat, Green Coffee and others.
A clever woman can remain healthy and beautiful at any age – it is only necessary to pay attention to your regime and to take care of healthy nutrition.