Sport during Pregnancy

Any woman sees pregnancy as a special period in life. It is filled with joy, anxieties, and worries, anxiously waiting and anticipation of the great miracle of birth. During this period, special attention is always paid to the health issues of mother and baby. Aware of its responsibility for unborn children, pregnant women tend to conduct a correct way of life. Is it safe to master sports activities during pregnancy?

Features and Contraindications

If pregnancy is a hassle and expectant mother is generally healthy, sports activities during pregnancy are not only permissible but necessary.
Correct loading allows preparing for childbirth and keeps the body in good shape.

Many succeeded women have held talks about childbirth as heavy physical loading. The loading is dependent on how the body is prepared for it. Through sporting activities abdominal muscles and pelvic floor strengthen, providing direct fetal expulsion process.

Fitness during pregnancy not only facilitates the task of a mother during childbirth but also helps to keep in good physical shape. From body state during pregnancy recovery speed, the condition of muscles and skin depends. In addition, activity in the waiting period prevents body weight gain, which is very difficult to struggle to get out of the hospital. Finally, sport just gives positive emotions.Sport During Pregnancy_ Yes or Not_

Whatever kind of sport during pregnancy expectant mother decided to go in, the main rule – it should not endanger mother and child health. Even a completely healthy woman can encounter problems in the course of pregnancy. In this situation, you need to prioritize and act not for the sake of your desires or ambitions, but for the sake of the baby’s health.

So, sports have the following contraindications:

  • multiple pregnancy;
  • uterus hypertonia and threat of pregnancy termination;
  • placenta previa;
  • amniotic fluid leakage;
  • bleeding;
  • presence of cardiac or pulmonary disease;
  • high blood pressure.

If there are no contraindications, a pregnant woman can engage in sports, choosing a moderate loading. However, with the appearance of the following signs, physical activity during pregnancy should be stopped:

  • cramping pain or pressure in the abdomen;
  • pain in lumbar region or pelvis;
  • the appearance of shortness of breath;
  • headache or dizziness;
  • bleeding;
  • fetal movements decreased activity.

Not all exercises are suitable during pregnancy. There are sports that pregnant women are engaged not necessary because of the high risk of injury. In this regard, expectant mothers should avoid:

  • cycling;
  • skiing;
  • jumps and long-distance running;
  • weight lifting;
  • tap dance and aerobics;
  • scuba diving;
  • riding.

All these activities can lead to a fall, associated with shaking, high loading on the cardiovascular system. It creates unnecessary risks and threats to pregnancy.

Sport in Different Periods of Pregnancy

Sports activities in different periods of pregnancy have their own characteristics. What is useful in the first trimester, it can be very difficult and not safe for the mother towards the end of pregnancy.

The most favorable period for sports loading during pregnancy is the second trimester.
By the time of its occurrence body adapts to:

  • child’s nurturing;
  • completely rebuilding hormones;
  • improving health;
  • reducing risks of danger to the baby.
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In contrast to the second, the first trimester is much more restrictive for sports activities. This period is critical for the whole pregnancy because it is in the first trimester often problems with pregnancy and the threat of termination appear, as well as going on the General tab organs and systems. It started in the first-trimester physiological changes in the body, which often leads to ailments, poor health, and toxicosis.

Sports Activities during Pregnancy First Trimester

Those who decided to start practicing immediately after the detection of “two strips” on the pregnancy test, you should consider some of the nuances of sports activities during the first trimester.

Serious cardio loadings during the first trimester are not allowed. During this period, the cardiovascular system is already in voltage mode, adapting to an increasing volume of circulated blood.

It is necessary to avoid stretching exercises, as during the first-trimester hormone produces in large amounts that cause relaxation of muscles and ligaments. Activities under the influence of this hormone can result in muscle strain.

It is unacceptable jumping and physical activity associated with the risk of falling. During the second trimester, when caul and placenta have already formed, the baby can fall. But during the first trimester, when the fetus is barely attached, any bumps and falls can be critical.
Choosing a physical activity, it is necessary to focus your attention on health. When nausea and dizziness are present, sports activities are better to postpone, not to aggravate the situation.

Sport Exercises during the Second Trimester

When an uncomplicated gestation course the second trimester of pregnancy is the best period for playing sports. Too many women in the second trimester feel good and energized. Already there is a baby bump, but it still does not deliver inconveniences. As in the first trimester, there also has its own nuances.

In the second trimester, it is advisable to start training aimed at practicing skills of breathing during labor, so it is permissible to undergo moderate aerobic activity.

An excellent sport for the second trimester is swimming. It helps to relieve back and spine coached breathing and endurance.

It is necessary to avoid exercise-related to:

  • loading on abdominal muscles;
  • jumping;
  • shaking.

Any exercise is better to perform in a bandage to prevent stretch appearance.

Activities during the Third Trimester

The third trimester is characterized by a considerably grown-up baby bump, problems with venous circulation and increased the load on musculoskeletal system. Physical activity is not contraindicated, but must be aimed at normalizing blood circulation and preparation for childbirth:

  • relaxation;
  • proper breathing;
  • pelvic floor muscle training.

Preferable Sports

As we said earlier, the expectant mother is almost not limited in choice of employment, except traumatic sports. Someone continues training started before pregnancy, someone changes sport orientation. However, specialists are called long physical activities, which are the most preferred and efficient during pregnancy. These include:

  • swimming;
  • gymnastics;
  • Pilates;
  • yoga.
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Moreoverб doctors recommend taking vitamins necessary for maintaining the female organisms.

Water Exercises during Pregnancy

Water exercises, such as swimming, are very common among pregnant women (Read more about swimming during pregnancy. Swimming provides uniformly distributed loading on all muscle groups. Pregnant woman, whose weight during the second trimester has increased significantly, feels comfortable in the water.

While swimming, the spine relaxes, “tired” that’s increased vertical load.

Also, swimming promotes:

  1. cardiovascular system improvement:
  2. respiratory systems improvement.

Going to pool, it is necessary to clarify whether not require the establishment of the certificate from gynecologist supervising you. In some basins such authorization for pregnant women is mandatory.

Session time is better to choose so that it was on tracks freely. The load is also better to reduce or attempt to set a record, swimming long distances at a time. Doctors recommend that pregnant women should even shorten session time to 20-30 minutes, that there was no exhaustion.

When swimming you feel dull and monotonous, you can choose different kinds of activities on water – water aerobics for example. All exercises in water are very easy to carry because their own body weight is not felt. Water aerobics removes existing muscle tension and helps keep the body in good shape. In some cases, such water activities even help your baby rollover at the wrong presentation.

Special attention during pool attendance should be paid to personal hygiene. It will help to protect yourself from possible skin and infectious diseases, which can be dangerous for pregnant women.

Exercising during Pregnancy

A place of honor among different types of fitness for pregnant women is to practice gymnastics. It may be a set of exercises for pregnant women, training on fitball, yoga exercises. Depending on the duration of pregnancy, exercise can be different. You can create separate sets of exercises for different muscle groups to relax. A special place in gymnastics for pregnant women is held by exercises to prepare for childbirth. It is about training pelvic floor muscles. They could include some exercise on fitball and Kegel exercises, which every pregnant woman knows.

Catching up exercises, you need to focus on the correct implementation of all the exercise and observance of safety regulations. All the exercises should be performed smoothly, without sudden movements. The load is best determined on the basis of their own condition and state of health. For classes, it is necessary to choose a convenient form of clothing that will not hamper movement.

Pilates for Pregnant Women

Pilates during pregnancy is very effective and safe. These exercises improve the body’s flexibility, working on small corset muscles, thereby back is significantly less tired. With Pilates training, diaphragmatic breathing is carried out. The combination of exercise and breathing not only affects body condition but also emotions and mood.

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The main effect of Pilates – a stretching and relaxation. The load on joints is minimal, so for pregnant women, such classes are not a threat. The relaxing effect of Pilates is able to remove even the tone of the uterus.

Doing Pilates is recommended 3-4 times a week. All exercises are done slowly and very smoothly. After childbirth, you may continue to attend classes, with their help you can quickly return to old forms.

Yoga for Pregnant Women

For pregnant women, there is a special set of yoga, the creation of which took into account all physiological features of this period. Yoga is a system of psycho-physical self-control so that each exercise is performed an effect not only on the physical level but also on emotional. Among the positive effects of yoga can be mentioned:

  • increase of immunity;
  • improved blood circulation;
  • prevention of fetal hypoxia;
  • prevention of varicose veins.

Basic safety training is related to the fact, not to do exercises, creating tension in the abdomen and headstand. Those who are already engaged in yoga, the instructor should be informed about their pregnancy in the first week, and each exercise should be negotiated individually. If you are a freshman to yoga – better to be limited only by a special set of exercises for abdomen owners.

An alternative to Fitness Clubs

Today, pregnant women have plenty of opportunities to practice. In most fitness clubs there are groups for expectant mothers and alternative to the gym can be a home training on discs. If it is difficult to determine lessons, you can do easily and choose the most ordinary walking. Hiking for pregnant women – the most simple and not expensive way to keep fit. It requires only comfortable clothes and shoes, bandage and fresh air.

Consultation with a Doctor

No matter what activities you choose to do, it is sure to harmonize with your doctor. Best of all, you should tell a doctor in detail about the training program and extensive usage. Knowing the anamnesis, assess pregnancy course and risks, a doctor can allow or deny certain physical activities, make recommendations on activities’ organization. Consultation with a physician is necessary not only before classes begin, but in process, if they have questions. Child’s gestation – a very important process, which is better to err on guard than to miss the warning signs of.

Sports during pregnancy – a great way to look good and feel good. The most important thing is to choose sport that is necessary for soul, get a doctor and permission to engage in compliance with safety regulations. These three simple rules – a guarantee that sports loading for pregnant women will only benefit.