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Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

It is believed that moderate doses of alcohol stimulate sexual desire and improve sexual capabilities of man. Is it true? This is so if it is a question of small doses of alcohol, which are taken infrequently or «on occasion». If alcohol is used regularly and in fairly large doses, the effect is completely opposite. […]

Myths about Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Recently, there are many articles on the treatment of male sexual disorders, but, unfortunately, most of the authors of such articles are only superficially familiar with this problem and are not specialists with a medical education that could compare different methods of treatment with each other. In this article, we wanted to highlight the main […]

Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction is a problem that any man can face, regardless of age. Impotence can be temporary and become only a single failure in man’s unmarried life and can become a constant companion, depriving him of delights of sexual life. Nowadays, hundreds of ways of treating male impotence have been developed. Each […]

Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra

In the treatment of erectile function malfunctionings, the leading place belongs to drugs such as Levitra, Cialis, Viagra, adding their numerous generics. Appropriate choice of the right tablets is possible when assessing the mechanism of drugs’ action and consumer’s needs. It is significant to realize the resemblance and distinction in these ED drugs. Similar Characteristics […]

Male Pattern Baldness: Causes, Types, and Treatment

Well-groomed fashionable haircuts and beautiful hairstyles – all these are indispensable attributes of a successful man who takes care of his appearance. Bald patches and bald spots will surely upset every man. Some men get tired of the unsuccessful struggle against baldness and prefer to radically change their image shaving their head. However, such a […]

Top 3 Treatment Options for Male Pattern Baldness

Thick hair makes any man look cool. Good hair gives a beautiful appearance and attracts the attention of women. However, with age, the quality of hair becomes worse: they become thin and fall out. But today this problem can be solved. In this article, you can read about the most popular methods for male alopecia […]

Male and Female Pattern Baldness: Causes and Prevention

Many people face a serious problem – uncontrolled hair loss on the head. According to statistical data, alopecia in various forms occurs in 70% of the male population. The disease affects only 25% of women. To successfully fight alopecia, it is necessary to determine its causes. The exact mechanism of alopecia is unknown, despite the […]

8 Top Products and Drinks for the Erectile Function

Eating certain foods that contain the necessary set of vitamins and trace elements can help magnify the sexual male endurance. In the human diet, the so-called reproduction vitamins should be widely observed, inclusively of A, E, and B, devoted to improving the nerve impulses passage. It is important to eat as much food as possible, which […]

General Description of Viagra Professional

One of the most popular ED drugs is Viagra Professional. This remedy is a complete analog of the branded blue pill, in the composition of which same active ingredient is present (sildenafil citrate). This medication is designed for use by men suffering from erectile function disorders. The drug is successfully coping with symptoms of impotence and quickly […]

Contraindications of Viagra

The main contradiction for Viagra is hypersensitivity to Sildenafil citrate. Its use in case of the allergy to some components may cause side effects or complications of chronic poisoning disorders. To avoid the adverse effects of the drug to the body, start taking this drug with minimal doses. The PDE5-inhibitor is not recommended to men under the […]

Generics of Levitra

Levitra is known all around the world. In the course of clinical multicenter studies, it has proved its ability and efficiency to solve a delicate problem – erectile dysfunction. These) tablets helped millions of men to restore confidence and self-esteem. This drug doesn’t just cure impotence – it resolves serious psychological problems, which provoke impotence. You […]

Cialis: Side Effects, Contraindications

Cialis is considered to be a medicament, it also has contraindications and side effects. And these actions cannot be neglected, as it may lead to serious penile malfunctions and body as a whole. Side effects of Cialis are associated primarily with the wrong dosage as a result of self-medicating, an important factor may be an […]