Top 3 Treatment Options for Male Pattern Baldness

Thick hair makes any man look cool. Good hair gives a beautiful appearance and attracts the attention of women. However, with age, the quality of hair becomes worse: they become thin and fall out. But today this problem can be solved. In this article, you can read about the most popular methods for male alopecia treatment. But first, we suggest you learn some facts about the disease.

Alopecia (male pattern baldness) is a complete or partial hair loss. About 70% of adult men suffer from alopecia.

There are two main causes of hair loss:

  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Active work of male hormones.

Top 3 Treatment Options for Male Pattern Baldness
A high level of testosterone causes baldness. This male hormone has a specific effect on the follicle – it slows the growth of hair. Over time, this leads to a complete death of the follicle.

Many famous people suffered from baldness. For example, Napoleon was wearing his famous cocked hat in all public events. Its function was very simple: to hide the bald head of the French leader.

In antiquity, this problem was solved with natural remedies for curing baldness. broths of herbs, ointments from medicinal plants and even tincture from cow’s saliva. Obviously, the effectiveness of these funds tended to zero.

However, you do not need to panic. Alopecia is a natural process in men with a high content of sex hormones. Being macho is good, but you should take care of the excellent condition of your hair, especially there are many remedies for hair loss today. Science does not stand still and the treatment of male pattern baldness with modern methods is very effective.

Modern methods of male alopecia include:

  1. Medications;
  2. Hair transplantation;
  3. HFE – highly effective hair transplant procedure.

Next, we will review each technique in more detail.

1. Medications for alopecia

baldness pills

This method of treating male pattern baldness is effective with moderate hair loss only. That is – when the hair grows poorly or does not grow at all in any particular place of the head.

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Drug treatment options for male hair loss include:

  • Masks for hair;
  • Ointments for scalp;
  • Preparations for oral administration;
  • Mesotherapy (injections into the scalp).

We will analyze the most effective remedies for alopecia in detail: these are Kera-Nova (mask), Minoxidil (ointment) and Propecia (tablets). Also, we will tell you about mesotherapy – an effective procedure that stops hair loss.


Minoxidil is an effective drug for male baldness. It is a lotion for topical application. Apply it only to those parts of the head where the process of alopecia has already begun. It is designed for long-term use (from half a year to one year) 2 times every day.

The medication is perfect for treating alopecia caused by changes in the level of male hormones. It’s recommended for primary or secondary baldness in middle-aged men.

The price for 1 bottle of Minoxidil ranges from $53. I proved its effectiveness in practice. Therefore, it is the only local action drug against hair loss, which is approved by the American control authorities.

Propecia (Finasteride)

Propecia from the Indian manufacturer is one of the most popular remedies for male pattern baldness. The active substance prevents hair loss in 90%. The drug is recommended for men with an initial or medium stage of alopecia.

The remedy is intended for a long reception. The therapeutic effect is observed in the third month of regular use. The drug should be taken every day on a full stomach.

The main advantage of Finasteride is the absence of side effects.

The medicine proved its effectiveness after numerous experiments. During the month, one group of men was given a placebo, another – a tablet of a Propecia. The representatives of the first group had no progress. And in men from the second group improved their condition: the hair became thicker, and their quality improved significantly.

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The price for generic Finasteride usually starts from $0.80 per pill. Propecia is the cheapest variant – it costs only $0.50 per pill at Canadian Pharmacy.

Kera-Nova – an effective mask for alopecia treatment

Kera Nova is a potent remedy for the prevention of hair loss. It includes medicinal plants, minerals, and vitamins. The drug has a restoring effect on damaged hair follicles and restores the strength of the hair.

Kera-Nova has an affordable price. One jar of an average volume costs about $2.

Mesotherapy – a quick solution to a male problem

How to stop hair loss in men? Are you still looking for an effective baldness treatment? Try mesotherapy. It is an effective procedure for restoring the scalp. A person is encouraged to take a course of special injections into the scalp.

Mesotherapy is based on natural substances:

  • Trace elements;
  • Vitamins;
  • Amino acids;
  • Homeopathic remedies;
  • Extracts based on medicinal herbs.

All of them have a restoring and rejuvenating effect. Another advantage of mesotherapy is that all useful substances are guaranteed to reach their target (hair follicles).

Mesotherapy can be of two types:

  1. Manual – injections are injected by an experienced physician into a specific area of the skin. His actions determine whether the dose of useful vitamins and amino acids reaches the damaged hair follicles.
  2. Hardware – injections are made with a special tool (microinjector). It is used for more serious stages of alopecia when treatment of large areas of the skin is required.

What kind of mesotherapy is better? You should choose the best option with the help of the attending physician. We, however, advise a manual mesotherapy. It has an increased accuracy and is less painful for a man.

Summing up, we can say that ointments, pills, and injections as a means are effective in the case of the initial and middle stages of alopecia. If the hair does not grow on any particular part of the head for more than 6 months, the medication treatment becomes ineffective. When the hair follicles die, it becomes impossible to recover hair growth in this area. In this case, it makes sense to pay attention to more radical ways of treating male pattern baldness – hair transplantation and HFE.

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2. Hair transplantation

This method involves transplanting your hair from a healthy area of the skin into the area of alopecia. This method is very effective for severe cases. For example, when bald areas are very large or observed in many areas of the skin.

Hair transplantation is performed both by surgical and non-surgical methods. The decision is made by the attending physician after assessing the state of a man’s health and the degree of alopecia.

Hair transplantation is a controversial method of treating male pattern baldness. It has some risks: scars and headaches.

3. HFE – non-surgical hair transplantation

HFE is a modern and effective method that helps to stop hair loss in men. Treatment is carried out in a special clinic and consists of hair transplantation using ultrathin needles (sizes – 0.5-08 mm).

The huge advantage of HFE over conventional hair transplantation is the minimal risks to human health. The procedure does not leave dangerous cuts and scars. And the restoration process lasts 4-5 days only.

HFE is an effective and progressive technique to treat male baldness since it’s successful in 98% of cases.

Alopecia is a common problem among middle-aged men. Today, there are many ways to treat this disease and now you know the most effective ones. The described methods of treating baldness have proved their effectiveness in practice, and we hope they will help you to recover a beautiful and thick hair!