Water-based Diet

What is Water-Based Diet?

water-based dietHow many diets exist nowadays. People lose weight by means of vegetables and raw fish, onions and sugar, fried meat and chocolate. Those who care about their health, choosing soft and balanced diet, those who need to lose weight now throw the cap over the mill. How good diet is, it is still some kind of limitation – in calories, products, quantity of food and many other things. It is a kind of a shake-up for body. Fashion for a healthy lifestyle makes ample-bodied people to find new, more customized supply methods.

The question of how much water a person requires a day for normal functioning remains open until now. Some believe that everyone should drink fixed amount of water, equal to number of liters, others offer to calculate volume of liquid, depending on body weight. In general, all this is done with one purpose – to find out optimal amount of water, which helps body to work well and does not harm.

You may be surprised, but if you are too zealous, even a necessary element as water is also able to harm body. Firstly, it refers to people with kidney disease, in this case kidneys simply not able to process large amounts of liquid, as well as hypertension sufferers. For overweight people excess water is not disaster! So how can you lose weight by means of only water and how to calculate water-based diet?

Nowadays we consider several options for weight loss by means of water – based diet. The simplest and most gentle way is considered clearance. This is realized in the following way: In the morning on an empty stomach you should drink a glass of hot water in small sips. And before going to bed drink 10 teaspoons of hot water. You can certainly do it without spoon, but then you should do sips, as little as possible. What is it for? Water, drunk on an empty stomach, stimulates metabolism, promotes awakening of body and normal functioning of digestive system throughout the day. Water drunk at night helps cleanse intestines. As you can see, everything is simple and logical. This way you can get rid of half of 6-8 kg weight loss.

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The next way of water – based diet involves drinking water before a meal. Thus, water will take a certain amount of free space in stomach, and then you shall be satisfied with smaller portions. Following well-known adage: “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dine like a pauper”, you should drink a glass of water before morning meal, two glasses – before lunch and three – before evening meal. It should be borne in mind that norm is 1.5-2 liters of liquid per day, and in summer in hot weather – up to 3 liters. So be sure to drink throughout the day quantity short. Another theory is that amount of water needed for each specific person, can be calculated by dividing body weight by 20.diet

The resulting number will be your daily fluid norm. This principle is considered basic scheme of water-based diets. It is necessary to drink a glass of water (it is possible with addition of lemon juice) 40 minutes prior each meal, then you can stick to your usual diet. If during the day you want to have a meal at an inopportune time, do not rush to enjoy sandwiches. Drink a glass of water and wait for half an hour. During this time your brain receives a signal to fill stomach and send an order response – you should still have meal or not. There is a perception that people often confuse signals of hunger and thirst, and in a hurry fill stomach, at a time when they just need to compensate lack of water in body. Whichever of these two ways you decided not to use, remember following rules.

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Do not drink too cold water, it is better to heat liquid to room temperature. Ice water is bad for digestion, besides, you are likely to suffer from angina (more information). Before meal you should drink 30-40 minutes. First, during this time you have time to understand what you actually want: to drink or eat. Secondly, water gives a concentration of gastric juice, which is needed for normal processing of food. As a result, not only abdominal distension can appear, but more unpleasant problems as well. It is better to use pure non-carbonated water. You can drink mineral (but also non-carbonated), but only for a dieting period. Contrary to popular belief you can not drink mineral water constantly and uncontrollably, satiety mineral salts can produce negative consequences.

You should not wash down food in any case, for the same reasons that you define interval between drinking and eating. Do not drink immediately after a meal, but about an hour after end of the meal. Following a diet it is necessary to compensate for deficiency of minerals and vitamins that you are “washed” from body during the diet. As you can see, water – based diet is simple.

Besides, you will not face dehydration, skin problems and hair from drying, digestive tract disorders. There is one of diseases listed in the beginning, it is better to consult a doctor for optimal amount of liquid for you. There is no need to imagine that you – a man-pool, and pour a five liters of water a day. Too much fluid stretches stomach. It means that after diet you will eat more than before, and all kilos quickly come back.

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