Ordering Details
How to place an order?

You can select required remedies and devices utilizing either drug categories catalog or search section on the front page. To make an order via our service is not difficult but if any questions arise or difficulties happen, you can visit our «How to Order» page. It comprised of profound step-by-step instruction on placing orders and payment.

What is order lower limit?

We fix no definitive order lower limit. Nevertheless, we provide special offers contingent on order amount relating to shipping and insurance terms.

Why are our drugs cheaper than in ordinary drug stores?

We collaborate on the straightaway with drugs manufacturers without engaging and paying over to the third parties. This fact allows making our products cheaper and affordable to everyone because we sell preparations without any extra charge.

Are your remedies of genuine and high -quality production?

We propose only recorded and certified goods that come directly from manufacturers, carefully follow all storage and shipping conditions requirements and even possess our own system of control.

Is it possible to withdraw order?

You may withdraw your order, but only until the time of its shipping. As soon as you receive any shipping details, it becomes impossible to withdraw it.

Is it possible to return my order?

According to pharmaceutical law, all preparations are not subjects to exchange or return. Before making any orders, consult your doctor or medical specialist.

Payment Conditions
How may I pay for the order?
Our online drugstore proposes several payment methods. You may pay for an order by means of Visa and MasterCard.
Is it safe to use credit cards for payment?
Our website provides complete safety of any of your personal data. Our privacy policy guarantees that we don’t disclose your details to any third parties, except for cases requiring such actions.
How can I give a refund?
If you are not satisfied with your order for some reasons (the package is damaged, the products are unlicensed, you didn’t receive your order, etc.), we can either resent your order or give you refund. Please contact our Support group via e-mail – support@canadianhealthcarepharmacymall.com in case any questions bother you.
Shipping and Delivery
What methods of shipping do you offer?
There are 2 methods we use as delivery methods: EMS Express Courier and Regular Airmail.
How much time is it required to deliver the parcel?
Depending on the selected delivery method, it takes from 3 to 21 days to bring your parcel.
Is shipping international?
Yes, we ship our medications worldwide. No matter in what country you live, you may easily order our goods and be sure you will be delivered them.
Do you warrant confidentiality during packaging procedure?
You may be calm. We hold in respect our customers’ privacy and guarantee you that your parcel will be unmarked during the delivery process and other people won’t be capable to observe what is packed inside.
If I didn’t receive my order, what should I take up?
Such cases take place extremely rare, but if for some reason your parcel didn’t each you, we offer you resending your parcel as soon as possible or bring you refund.
Privacy and Confidentiality
Do you provide your customers with privacy?
We do it! Visit our «Privacy Policy» page to obtain as much information concerning this question as possible.
What do security systems for data protection you utilize?
We can guarantee you complete safety and reliability of our service. We practice https protocol, which encrypts data, and SSL system – 128-bit encryption – to avert your data from any illegal actions and theft. These services guarantee protection from unauthorized access.
Customer’s Support
Do you provide consultations relating to products?
Canadian Pharmacy Mall recommends you, in any case, consult your doctor whatever you have any questions or troubles. Remember that self-medication is full of dangerous consequences. However, our specialists are glad to offer you proper and accurate consultation on all goods in our product list.
Do you offer anti-spam protection for your customers?
Our online service keeps firming «Anti-Spam Policy». Our customers are surely assured against any spam messages without their prior consent. If you face some strange mailing, come in contact with our support group via e-mail and we will attempt to put our best foot forward to cope with this problem.
Generic Drugs
What are generics?
Generics are the drugs analog to originals in composition and effectiveness but are sold without patent when original drug’s license is invalid any more.
Are generics as effective as originals?
Yes, generics’ effectiveness is absolutely the same while its formula is identical to that of the original drug. All the generic drugs of our online store are approved by FDA.
Why are generics cheaper than original drugs?
Generics are not patented drugs; pharmaceutical companies didn’t conduct a raw number of clinical trials for efficiency and side effects because generics are produced on the background on tests results of original medications and are shared not under the brand name. The price is attractively lower.

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