Privacy Policy

Shipping Policy

Pharmacy Mall delivers parcels to the customers’ local PO right to your door. If you are not at home at this moment you will be left a special notice

There are two shipping options:

  • Airmail (timeframe is 2-3 weeks. Fee is $9.95).
  • EMS Courier Delivery (timeframe is 3-8 business days. Fee is $19.95). This type of delivery is limited by the certain list of countries.

There may appear some delays at customs. If something wrong happens our support group will inform you.

The orders are usually processed within 24 hours. As soon as your order is registered, you receive an automatic e-mail message. Sometimes, such notifications get into spam folders. Look for a notification there if you have not received one. We make every effort to deliver your parcels in time.

All the drugs displayed on our site are usually in stock. If you have some problems with the delivery, we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

Return policy

If you are brought a damaged or broken parcel or our online pharmacy brought the product you were not ordering we guarantee you free resending your order.

If you have any questions relating to the quality of medications in-stock you are welcome to

In case that your pills are damaged, we will resend you a new package free of charge.

Main Statements of Valid Privacy Policyprivacy-policy

User Data Protection

Administration of our store has no right to disclose or transfer customer data to third parties given to them during the ordering procedure. It may be used exclusively for delivery purposes.

Personal Data Confirmation

Ordering drugs presented on our site, a client must specify personal data. Our online generic pharmacy can request confirmation of customers’ personal information in any way convenient for him – offline or online.

Personal Information Use

Online pharmacy uses the customer’s personal data solely for the convenience of its services and improves the quality of provided services to store. Certain data is transferred to the bank or payment system if the buyer’s personal data is required to make money transfer. Personal information is strictly protected by our secure system and these data may be revealed only in cases stipulated by law or when the administration will have to make similar actions in connection with the necessity of court execution, legal situation or process that provides a client with efficient operation of the online pharmacy. Under no other circumstances, personal data transmitted by the customer may not be transferred or disclosed to unauthorized persons.

Personal Information Control

We use a verification method for personal data control, which is solely responsible for the consequences of false information introduction. With subject to change, in this case, a customer must provide the latest information by replacing data in your account, or use the feedback form to communicate necessary information to our managers, who own all the time to correct any personal information about a customer.

Support Communications

After ordering, a customer will receive by e-mail a letter containing order confirmation and number. If a buyer is annoying messages or he considers them unnecessary, come in contact with the support group of our online store and it will solve this problem in no time.


Pharmacy Mall guarantees its customers absolute protection of their personal information against hacking and intrusion. We use https protocol and 128-bit server encrypting your data on the highest level. We will provide you with everything required to protect you and be satisfied with our data.


Our site administration may exercise the right to make changes to the stated privacy policy, without notifying the customer. The published rules come in force. Customers should monitor their own privacy policy innovations.

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