8 Top Products and Drinks for the Erectile Function

Eating certain foods that contain the necessary set of vitamins and trace elements can help magnify the sexual male endurance. In the human diet, the so-called reproduction vitamins should be widely observed, inclusively of A, E, and B, devoted to improving the nerve impulses passage. It is important to eat as much food as possible, which has an activating effect on the body.

If comparing products for erectile dysfunction, fish and seafood are the most effective, in particular – mackerel, flounder, oysters, and vegetables, especially turnips. It is proved by experience that there is a beneficial influence of rennet (camel’s gut) on erectile function. Canadian Pharmacy Mall is going to introduce to you the main 5 2018 products devoted to erectile function improvement.

Foods to Increase ED8 Best Products to Increase Potency

Rennet (Camel’s Gut)

Camel’s gut deservedly takes the first place, as the best product for increasing potency! Its effect is on one level with generic Viagra, while it is absolutely not harmful to the body. The only drawback is that getting this product is not easy.

Camel’s gut for hundreds of years helped men improve an erection. This nomadic remedy was resorted to by the nomadic peoples of the East: Mongols, Bedouins, and many others, to improve erectile function and prolong longevity, therefore among them, cases of the birth of children in people even older than 50 years are not odd.

Such a strong curative effect is able to have a specially dried stomach. It is recommended to take it immediately before the sexual intercourse or half an hour before it. The effect will appear immediately, to achieve it enough to take 3 g of product, this piece is not more than a pea.

Rennet is a method to prepare a special alcohol tincture: 100 g of dried camel’s gut is poured with half a liter of vodka. The agent is left for 2 weeks in shaded and cool conditions.


Oysters – another product that ranks as the 2 means, is known for its stimulating effect on the male sexual organ and is included in the aphrodisiac group. The benefits of shellfish are achieved due to the high content of organic zinc in composition, as well as the rare amino acids that can activate the testosterone production, the male sex hormone increasing the sperm amount. In addition, oysters contain dopamine, a substance that increases libido.

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Scientists have determined that the concentration of amino acids and zinc in the body of mollusks is the highest in spring when these marine inhabitants actively multiply. Therefore, oysters caught at this time of the year are most suitable for increasing erectile function.

With a certain therapeutic purpose, this product is recommended to eat in a raw condition, because heat treatment can lead to the loss of a significant portion of nutrients. Lemon juice will help increase the dish taste.

But do not eat too often this traditional remedy, because Chinese and European scientists have proven that the constant use of mollusks is harmful to health and even reproductive function because of excess mercury. According to other studies, raw oysters are often carriers of the bacterium Vibrio Vulnificus, which can cause numerous diseases, the most harmless of them can be considered gastroenteritis. The risk to health is increased when a person has liver dysfunction or wound on the skin surface. People with impaired immunity, diabetes, low acidity, taking corticosteroids and antacids should also refrain from eating raw oysters.


Flounder is not only very tasty but also extremely useful fish, known for its special effect on the male sexual organ performance, which is explained by the high content of vitamins A, B, and E, amino acids, trace elements, especially zinc. Flounder is rich in a full and balanced protein, which, thanks to the lower content of connective tissue, is much better absorbed by the human body. The composition of this fish includes other active substances, which have a positive effect on health in general, thereby increasing potency.

For the fullest preservation of useful properties, flounder should be cooked steamed, stewed or boiled. The product should be brought to readiness and terminated heating.

Flounder due to its dietary properties is suitable for general use. The only exception is people with an individual intolerance to this product. Only in a salted and dried form, it should not be eaten by patients with cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal diseases.

Boiled Mackerel

Due to the abundance in its composition of omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 acids, which are involved in the testosterone biosynthesis, it has a beneficial effect on the male sexual health and even on the female reproductive system. With frequent use of this product in boiled condition, potency increases together with sperm production. The quality of the latter is met by phosphorus, which is part of the mackerel in significant quantities. Iodine provides the presence of sexual desire, and protein is a building material for sperm.

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Turnip rightfully takes the TOP-rating of the best products, improving potency. This vegetable is full of vitamins, microelements and substances that have a general health effect and have a beneficial effect on sexual consistency, contributing to the testosterone release.

Seeds of garden turnips are able to magnify sexual desire and increase erectile function. The same effect can be achieved by adding a boiled vegetable to meat dishes.

You can prepare a special medicinal mixture based on boiled rubbed turnips, mixed with carrots in a ratio of 1: 1 adding a teaspoon of honey. The finished product is recommended to take in a dosage of a third cup three times a day. The effect will not keep you waiting.

Contraindications: inflammatory bowel diseases, cholecystitis, CNS diseases, and hepatitis.

Watch the video about some other food that may become a way to increase erectile function in a natural way:

Drinks to Increase Potency

Best Drinks for PotencySome drinks not only refresh and replenish the level of fluid in the body but can additionally have a positive effect on the sexual male function. These include freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, kumiss and ginger tea. The constant use of these drinks will help to solve problems with erection and general body strengthening.

Fresh Juices for Potency

Squeezed immediately before use juices can be equated to the known ED medications, while they are safe for health and bring additional benefits to the whole organism. Not all fruit and vegetables drinks are equally effectively solving the male problem, the leading place is taken by pomegranate juice. It improves the blood circulation and small pelvis blood supply, and the nitrogen it contains relaxes the circulatory system.

Pumpkin is known for its beneficial effects on men’s health, so the juice from it excellently copes with the potency problems. The impact is achieved due to the rich content of zinc, which actively participates in the male reproductive system performance.

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The juice squeezed from the celery root contains androtestosterone, a substance that transforms into testosterone during fermentation, so its usefulness in men’s impotence cannot be doubted.

The juice of watermelon, which stands out when eating the berries itself, is recognized as an effective remedy against erectile dysfunction. It contains a large amount of citrulline, an amino acid that, when ingested, is converted to arginine. This substance promotes the expansion of blood vessels and the improvement of blood circulation, which has a positive effect on erection quality.

To beverages that have a good effect on potency, juices from all vegetables and fruits that are abundant in vitamin E include.

Juices can be used alone or be part of natural cocktails. It is important to consider that the therapeutic effect is provided only by drinks prepared immediately before consumption, and not by their store analogs.


The milk has a rejuvenating and restorative effect on the body, it can normalize the metabolism, improve the blood composition, the cardiovascular system work. This product of fermented milk and alcoholic fermentation of horse milk contains important hormones that have a powerful effect on the immune system. It is not surprising that this drink has the best effect on male potency, improving reproductive capacity and sexual activity.

Kumiss is recommended to drink 30 minutes after breakfast in the amount of 1 cup. Dosage should be agreed with a specialist, it can vary depending on the overall male health and other diseases’ presence. For example, with exacerbation of gastrointestinal tract diseases, this drink is not recommended at all. People with an individual intolerance of kumiss or lactose entering into its composition will have to refrain from treatment with kumiss.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is rich in vitamins B, A, C, amino acids, trace elements and minerals that affect the body cardiovascular system, promote blood thinning, strengthen blood vessels, remove toxins and stimulate the brain. All this leads to improved erectile function and overall male sexual function health.

We recommend you to use these products in daily ration but do not forget that if the problem of erectile dysfunction has already appeared, it is required to consult a specialist and undergo appropriate treatment. All the medications for ED you may in our online pharmacy.