Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

It is believed that moderate doses of alcohol stimulate sexual desire and improve sexual capabilities of man. Is it true?

This is so if it is a question of small doses of alcohol, which are taken infrequently or «on occasion». If alcohol is used regularly and in fairly large doses, the effect is completely opposite. Among those who regularly take alcohol twice as often as those who do not drink, there is decreased sexual desire and weak erection. If among non-drinkers sexual dysfunctions occur in about 10 – 15% of cases, people who regularly drink alcohol note problems in a sexual sphere with the frequency of up to 58%.

What Role does Frequent Use of Alcohol Play in the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

In countries where the amount of alcohol consumed per capita is significantly higher than the world average, alcoholism accounts for at least 5 – 10% of cases of impotence. Sexual partners of alcoholics note in almost 100% of cases that their men had much harder and longer erection before they started drinking alcohol.

What Changes, Affecting Sexual Function, Causes Alcohol in the Body of a Man?

Regular use of alcohol, especially in combination with malnutrition, leads to significant impairment of liver function. This negatively affects work of organs of regulation of sexual function, which leads to decrease in concentration in the body of male sex hormone – testosterone, and therefore to decrease in sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. Alcohol also has a direct toxic effect on testicles and leads to their atrophy. And this, in addition to the above problems, leads also to infertility. In addition, alcohol affects central and peripheral nervous system, which adversely affects both qualities of erection, and fullness of sensations during sexual intercourse and orgasm. Alcohol causes atrophy of gray substance of cortical and frontal lobes of the brain, which play an important role in sexual function.

How Successful is Treatment of Men’s Sexual Disorders Caused by Alcohol?

In some cases, cessation or a significant decrease in the amount of alcohol consumed leads to complete restoration of impaired sexual function. However, if changes in the nervous or endocrine system have gone too far or atrophy of significant part of testicle tissue has occurred, disorders may be irreversible or cannot be eliminated without qualified medical care. In such cases, you should contact a specialized clinic that treats sexual dysfunction in men. Correctly and timely treatment can help restore sexual function, or, in any case, significantly improve it. Arsenal of means for treatment of erectile dysfunction today is extremely wide. Practical experience showed that for people who regularly drink alcohol, such methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction as medication therapy with sildenafil (Viagra) and surgical treatment or falloprosthetics are the most acceptable.