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What is Levitra?

What is Levitra and Where to Buy It Online

Levitra is a popular remedy for improving erection. Everyone wants to be confident in his male power and be always the best man for his woman. Levitra is a tested drug, a faithful assistant of many men, it will give you an unshakable confidence in your abilities.

What is Levitra?

Levitra is a pill. Usually, they say that Levitra is vardenafil and that’s all. In fact, there are also auxiliary substances. They not only give the tablet aesthetic appearance, convenient size and shape, but also help vardenafil to dissolve and fully absorb in the stomach. They do not affect the body itself. This is the job of the active substance, vardenafil.

How does Levitra work?

Levitra is similar to other drugs in the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. Vardenafil relaxes the musculature of the vessels of the penis, which contributes to a longer and more powerful erection. The drug works only under the condition of sexual arousal and does not cause an uncontrolled erection.

Drug combinations

If you take erythromycin, keto- or itraconazole, then your maximum Levitra dose per day is 5 mg. These drugs slow the metabolism of vardenafil. Although these drugs do not affect the rate of absorption of vardenafil, they slow down that cascade of reactions in your body, which ultimately strengthens an erection. Be also ready for the fact that the effect may come later, but it will last longer.

Generic Levitra, like the brand-name drug, acts the same way as cardiac drugs for vasodilation. The difference is only in the application. Levitra acts only on the penis. But heart drugs act on the weight of the body, some – on the heart vessels. Because of the same mechanism of action, the combination of varndenafil with many cardiac drugs gives an overdose. Therefore, you’d better take one preparation at a time.

Many anti-HIV drugs slow the removal of vardenafil from the body. On the one hand, the action lengthens, the effect becomes intensified. On the other hand – often there are side effects, overdoses.

Advantages of the drug

  • Levitra treats erectile dysfunction;
  • Suitable for all men over the age of 18;
  • Non-hormonal agent;
  • Strengthens an erection;
  • The erection lasts longer, which allows you to lengthen the sexual intercourse;
  • The minimum of contraindications;
  • Rare and harmless side effects;
  • Fast and lasting effect;
  • Does not interact with foods or alcohol

How to select the correct dose?

Levitra tablets are recommended to be taken only once a day for half an hour or so before intimacy, you’d better start with 10 mg. The minimum effective dose is 5 mg, the maximum daily dose is 20 mg. The minimum dose is suitable for elderly patients or for liver failure. The maximum dose is often necessary for diabetics. 10 mg dose is suitable for most men. If the effect suits you, you can try to reduce the dose to 5 mg, many men find this dose sufficient. If you want a more powerful effect, you can take 20 mg the next time.

Important: Levitra is valid for 4-5 hours, which is enough for a stunning, unforgettable sex.


  • Individual intolerance to vardenafil or any of the excipients;
  • Deformations of the penis;
  • Severe hepatic insufficiency

Where to buy Levitra?

You can order drugs for ED treatment Levitra in two ways: in a local pharmacy or via the Internet. Buying Levitra online is easier and more convenient. You can order the drug right now, without leaving your house and at a lower price. Another important point is that online pharmacies guarantee confidenciality. Unlike local pharmacies, online drugstores do not need to pay rent to sellers, so they can afford to significantly reduce the price for Levitra and other ED drugs. The company guarantees that all their drugs are stored in the right conditions.

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