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What is Pfizer?

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Healthcare in the United States: General Information

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Pharmacy Mall Won the “Fast-Growing Company” Award 2018

awards event 2018
The 5th annual Best Pharmacist awards event was held June 1, 2018, in Orlando, Florida. That day the solemn ceremony of rewarding the winners in the pharmaceutical industry was held. For more than 10 years, Ceremony Awards has been one of the most exciting events in the pharmaceutical world. On that day, the experts of Pharmacy Mall who devoted their lives to the world of pharmacy were awarded.

The ceremony was inaugurated by the Head of the Committee on Health, Leslie Stanko and the Head of the State Service for Medicines Mark Dillard. They thanked those present for the significant contribution to the health of the nation, noting that without available and high-quality drugs, medical assistance from doctors would be ineffective. “I wish the further development and prosperity of the pharmaceutical industry and the active development of drugs for disease prevention,” – Leslie Stanko said.

After all, online pharmacies are the most optimal method of maintaining the health of our nation,” – Mark Dillard joined the greetings: “Let your work continue to bring not only public benefits but also pleasure every day in your life!”. Mark also noted: “Our industry looks to the future with confidence, and today high-tech medicines are manufactured. As for the online pharmacy sector, I am pleased to report a significant improvement in the quality of the services provided. We can say with confidence that we are able to guarantee the quality, safety, and efficacy of the drugs. ”

After that, the winners of the contest were announced. 64 pharmacies took part in the competition.

So who became the winner that evening and got the honorable award?

Winners of the Awards Ceremony 2018

So, Pharmacy Mall won the award for the “Fast-Growing Company” nomination.

Further awards were given to individuals in the pharmaceutical industry. Paul Shoemake, the head of pharmacy Universal Pharmacy, won the nomination for “Pharmacist of the Year”. The top manager of Pharmacy Mall, Jonathan T. Newland, won the award for the “Marketing Manager of the Year” nomination. Carl Sanderson, Director of Teva Store won the award for the “Best Director” nomination.

The drugs were also nominated for “The drug of the year” award.  “The best over-the-counter drugs” award was given to Levitra Professional 20 mg available at Pharmacy Mall.

Jonathan T. Newland, who received the award said: “This is indeed an event of the year. After all, out online pharmacy has the most transparent system of drug quality regulation, which guarantees patients’ access to the safest drugs. And we proved to the international community that we deserve to be a part of it.”

This event was held with the support of the Pharmaceutical Professional Association, the Association of Producers of Innovative Preparations, the Association “Manufacturers of US Medicines” and the Association of International Producers of Preparations.

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