25 Ways to Stay Slim with Canadian Health&Care Mall

Healthy TipsEvery day there is new online diet advice from well-known nutritionists and recipes of low-calorie dishes. And yet, there are ways to lose weight, which are time-tested, old as the world, and guarantee 100% result. A healthy lifestyle is important for a high-quality life.

In this article, Canadian Health&Care Mall has compiled 25 tips from the classic in the field of dietetics and nutrition experts for you. Perhaps, some of them you have already heard, what just helps to confirm their effectiveness. So, let’s begin.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

  1. Do not skip breakfast. Be sure to have a snack before going to work or prepare a light breakfast in the weekend. This will help you to stay energetic throughout the day while keeping the diet;
  2. Destroy calories. Healthy active lifestyle is compulsory! Make short breaks during training but no more than 30 seconds. This practice will help you burn calories more intensely;
  3. Say “no” tonight snacks. Take into service one important rule – the last meal should be taken no later than 3 hours before bedtime. Sleeping body can hardly cope with the digestion, so all the digested substances are converted into fat folds;
  4. in gymBuild up muscles. Do not stop the reached level and increase the loading. The heavier the weights are, the stronger muscles you have. Moreover, sports speed up metabolism;
  5. Eat only when you are really hungry. Before you touch food, ask yourself, “Do I really hungry?”. Rumbling in the stomach and a willingness to eat some vegetables indicate a genuine feeling of hunger;
  6. Get enough sleep. It’s one of the essential elements in a diet. Sleep at least six hours per night, in the ideal – 8 hours. Lack of sleep increases the appetite, making you overeat. During working activity, do short breaks for 2-3 minutes, during this time practice breathing exercises, breathe air deeply. This will help you to calm down, to fix the nerves and reduce stress hormone – cortisol, which is responsible for the formation of fat;
  7. Take a lunch with you. Cook your dinner beforehand to take with. Scientific studies show that those who dine in the café lose weight more slowly and violate a diet regime;
  8. Put the specific aims. The best motivation for weight loss is to develop a plan and set achievable goals. Fix your current weight and sign your weight loss in kilograms per week, per month, for a year ahead. Celebrate success and strive to correct mistakes;
  9. Vegetables in the first place. Each meal starts with a serving of vegetables. So you can reduce the number of calories;
  10. Healthy lifestyle habits. Look at the nutritionists’ reports whose patients’ weight loss success exceeded all expectations: 75% of the patients who lost weight checked their weight regularly, at least ones per week; 78% of the patients did not skip breakfast; 62% of the patients reduced viewing TV broadcasts for 10 hours a week;
  11. Having a snack every 3-4 hours will help to stay in a good shape and reduce your temptation to eat a delicious and high-calorie food;
  12. vegetablesBefore and After. Nothing motivates you like the obvious achievements of your personal work. Make a photo of your body at the beginning of the diet and the fix the results every month or every six months. Snapshots “Before and After” will help you not to throw the sport or break the diet;
  13. Be strong. Keeping to the new regime, you actually get out of the usual comfort zone and begin to fight with the unhealthy lifestyle. Develop self-discipline and control, because people around you will still eat your favorite but now forbidden food;
  14. Avoid vitamin deficiency. Vitamins are compulsory for our organism. If you can’t get a daily vitamins amount from usual products, take a multivitamin;
  15. Keep a diary. If you have enough time, make notes of what you ate during the day. So you will be able to identify the “enemies” of a slim figure;
  16. Increase the loads. Do not waste time in vain, riding on an exercise bicycle. Take the weights and do weight-lifting exercises, so you get rid of even more calories;
  17. Go shopping only with a full stomach. Try not to go to the store when you are hungry and do not forget to make a list of needed products. In addition, we recommend you to use a basket instead of a truck, so you won’t buy the excess products;
  18. Say “no” to carbonated drinks. Daily consumption of Coca-Cola and other carbonated sugary drinks have a negative effect on the muscles, reducing the ability to burn fat;
  19. Cellulose and protein. Choose low-carbohydrate vegetables, nuts, seeds and low-protein products, so they will take in your stomach as much space as possible;
  20. Less salt and gases. Try to reduce the amount of salt in your diet, it retains liquids in the body and contributes to the appearance of edema. Carbonates contained in the fizzy drinks cause bloating, which can last for several days!
  21. walksChecking with an apple. If you are not hungry, one apple will be enough to postpone your lunch. If your stomach is still growling, you may eat something more substantial;
  22. Give up carbs for dinner. It is usually quite difficult to comply with, but if you manage to stick with it – weight loss is guaranteed;
  23. Walk after a meal. After each meal try to go for a 15-minute walk, it will allow you to burn at least 100 calories;
  24. Eat like a bird. Sweets on your plate should not completely disappear. Make three small pieces, and set aside the rest;
  25. Active weekend. If you were not able to escape to the gym or the weather is not good for running, do a general cleaning of your house. Active homework burns as many calories as a training simulator.
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