Treatment of Tiredness

How to stop feeling tired all the time? Probably, very often. We all work, study, try to achieve something in our life. But for one people fatigue may be a pleasant reward for a successful day of active work or the result of workout in the gym, and for other people it’s a “harmful” fatigue, a real stress, which makes you difficult to move forward and makes to leave all the plums of your life to those who are younger and more energetic. Treatment of Tiredness with Canadian Pharmacy MallCanadian Pharmacy Mall explains the reasons of a harmful fatigue, remind the symptoms of fatigue, as well as give you all the basic ways of removing and treating fatigue, simple and affordable, without having to go to the doctor.

“Harmful” fatigue is the enemy of any active person who is engaged in all the areas of activity. Let’s start!

Chronic fatigue is the plague of our century

Modern urban reality has little to do with calm, harmony and tranquility. We are living at a furious pace and the technical progress has relieved most of us from the need to work with our hands; however, we are as tired as our ancestors during hunting. Moreover, in recent decades fatigue has turned to a real disease from the normal physiological phenomena. In 1984 the term “chronic fatigue syndrome” appeared. Chronic fatigue differs from the usual overload syndrome primarily by the fact that symptoms of fatigue persist after long rest. In western countries, this syndrome is becoming more widespread, and the correct fatigue treatment is becoming very popular and profitable.

Although, if you do not bring fatigue to a chronic syndrome, it can be relieved with your own hands and with a minimum effort. Being always cheerful, active and energetic is a tasty plum for the one who wants to realize his dreams and achieve success.

Fatigue Causes and Symptoms

lack of sleepLack of sleep – the main cause of fatigue

The most important thing in fatigue treatment is to determine its cause. So let’s study fatigue reasons and fatigue symptoms.

Why is it important to get enough sleep? Because the main reason why you feel tired and frustrated is lack of sleep. Thus, you do not allow your body to recover in a proper way. In most cases, the treatment for tiredness is simple to have a decent sleep!

Other possible fatigue causes

  • Unfavorable working conditions. If your job is monotonous and nervous, or your work in the night or you simply do not like it, you will be more tired. Learn how to fight fatigue at work;
  • Unhealthy diets. These are forced starvation or overeating, lack of healthy fats in the diet, lack of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins. Dehydration can be also attributed to this group. It should be noted that the consumption of all sorts of stimulants and energetics in large quantities increases the tone of your body for some time, but later gives even more fatigue to your organism. Sedatives and hypnotics are of the same doubtful use, as they do nothing to eliminate the cause of fatigue;
  • In some cases, fatigue can be a symptom of more serious diseases – disorders of nerves, endocrine and cardiovascular systems, osteoarthritis, obesity and others;
  • Finally, fatigue may be caused by drugs that a person uses. These are antiallergic agents, tranquilizers, muscle relaxants and others. These are the five main causes of “harmful” fatigue, and if you do not deal with them, you have every chance to develop that very chronic fatigue syndrome. Symptoms of long-term fatigue are well-known to everyone. This is apathy, confusion, memory impairment, reduced immunity and frequent colds. You spirits tend to zero, and you become irritable, unattractive and totally limp.
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Fatigue Treatment

How to get rid of tiredness instantly?

The first and most important piece of advice:

If you feel that you do not just feel tired, but fatigue becomes a habitual state, first of all, consult a doctor. Do not try to treat yourself independently, as it has been said above, that the more serious disease can be hidden behind a mask of tiredness. To fight a chronic fatigue you may apply not only fatigue treatment medication, but also other drugs:

  • recuperative agents and vitamins;
  • therapeutic methods;
  • manual methods – reflexology, therapeutic massage, etc.

Normal Sleep Against Fatigue

  • Rearrange your sleep and daily regime. The introduction of the regime may be a good tool to fight the chronic fatigue – you’d better get up and go to bed at the same time every day;
  • The duration of sleep is different for everyone, but usually, a person feels when he sleeps not enough, all he needs is to prolong his sleep for an hour or two to feel less tired;
  • Abnormal noise and total darkness will worsen the quality of your sleep;
  • Correct waking up will be a good addition which will fill you with energy and give an opportunity to enter a new day refreshed and able to ‘move mountains’;

The trick: add the light to your life. The lack of lighting has a direct impact on the tone of your body, and vice versa, it is working at the full capacity in the bright light.

Detoxification and strengthening the body

  1. organism pureFollow a healthy diet. Eliminate the most harmful or artificial food and saturate your diet with products containing good fats (fish, vegetable oil, nuts) and carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes);
  2. Drink vitamins. Probably, you are not a fan of vitamin supplements, but if you have no possibility to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, at least start taking vitamins;
  3. To cleanse the body of toxins includes in your diet plant foods, rich in fiber. Notice: all green plant foods are rich in cellulose;
  4. Refuse energy drinks (for the reasons mentioned above);
  5. Drink more water. Dehydration slows down all metabolic processes in your body, and sometimes in order to cheer up, you need only drink a couple of glasses of water;
  6. Control your weight. If you have extra kilos (which can be determined even without a doctor), you will feel tired in any case. Just imagine the feelings of the man who lift heavy dumbbells every day? And many of us are just lifting extra weight for years;
  7. Start the fight against addictions. Smoking and alcohol negatively affect the body’s ability to recover, and no matter how difficult it is, do your best to minimize these horrible habits or better – give them up;
  8. Add more useful activity in your life – and “harmful” fatigue will be replaced by the “pleasant” one. Morning exercises, douches, jogging or walking in the fresh air – al these activities tone your body and activate its energy, which will help to fight fatigue, illness and stress. Meditation, yoga or qigong are also is of great benefit to your health;
  9. Create an atmosphere of happiness around. The atmosphere of happiness is your personal space, which includes you and your surroundings. There should not be a place that promotes fatigue in your personal ‘world’. Learn how to start a day correctly with Canadian Pharmacy Mall;
  10. Create a calm, comfortable environment at home and, if possible, at work. Surround yourself with pleasant images, put your favorite photos, souvenirs and other items, which will also raise your spirits;
  11. Look for any opportunity to add to something beautiful in your day, a drop of happiness – look at the pictures, listen to relaxing music, sing, find the time to visit exhibitions, a theater or a cinema;
  12. Eliminate stresses and work on your positive thinking. Try to minimize anything that gives you stress and frustration. Take the world more positively – and your mind will be unloaded. You will feel as if you lost some extra kilos or unpleasant memories, irritation and other mental garbage;
  13. Add the novelty and diversity in your life. Get rid of the routine – it is an excellent treatment for fatigue. Try new foods, read new books, watch new movies. Expand your circle of acquaintances, communicating with new people from time to time and get their valuable experience and vivid emotions. In general, do everything to stir up your brain – and you’ll be less tired;
  14. Learn to organize your time. You may make the schedule and add there are small changes that will help you feel less tired;
  15. Distract from work from time to time by switching your brain to something else. For example, solve crossword puzzles, read quotes or anecdotes, communicate with colleagues. The main thing to control yourself so that a five-minute break will not turn into a few-hours slack. The stronger you switch off, the better your energy will be saved;
  16. Organize your vacation. During the day you should have the time to rest or relax. Even if you are a very busy person, still try to set aside for an hour to relax. The best investment of free time is a dining sleeping, so if you have such opportunity, do not miss it;
  17. Arrange a weekend. Many of us have a rest at the weekend, but there are people who work in a non-stop mode. Usually, these people usually look the most tired at the festive table and drink more than others, apparently in an attempt to compensate for their stress. Remember, your body is not a machine, and if you break it, your money will be of no use;
  18. Finally, the coolest way to reduce fatigue is a live communication with your friends, family and loved ones. Emotions, joy, understanding perfectly relaxe and disconnect the brain from the daily bustle. Communication really works wonderful. The trick: try relaxing playing with pets, they are a perfect tool for relaxation 🙂
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Now you know how to feel less tired and to live more active and happier life!