How to Eat Properly and Feel Perfect?

Balanced food is the base of a healthy lifestyle. Together with physical activity, it helps to normalize weight, to become slim and to reach harmony. Following simple healthy lifestyle tips of this article, you will easily correct the ration and will look and feel better, than ever before!Healthy nutrition

Healthy Nutrition: Strive for Balance

Dreaming of a slim body people try diet pills and different diets: low-carbohydrate, albuminous and many others. They reach a result, but temporary: weight quickly comes back. And sometimes the effect is even opposite, instead of weight loss problems with health begin.

The truth is that a food ration has to be balanced. You should provide the organism with all range of nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, macro – and trace substances. You diet menu should include all these units.

The ratio 50 — 25 — 25 is optimum:

  • 50% carbohydrates;
  • 25% proteins;
  • 25% fats.

How to Start a Healthy Diet?

Fats participate in new cells construction, hormones production, water exchange and vitamins transportation.

Fat acids are divided into two groups:

  1. saturated fats are unhealthy as they settle down on walls of vessels and increase the level of a “bad” cholesterol;
  2. unsaturated fats perform those useful functions which were described above.

At the same time some fat acids, for example, omega-3, aren’t synthesized by the organism and can come to it only with a nutrition. Therefore, it is necessary to try including useful fats in your daily ration. Such fats contain in avocado, olives, olive oil, nuts, sea fish and other products.

proteinsProtein is the main construction material for the organism, and not only for cells, but also for enzymes and hormones.

  • Protein helps to build muscles, have strong bones, beautiful hair and nails;
  • Protein can be animal and vegetable. It is considered that two-thirds of a standard daily rate of proteins have to come to the organism with animal food (fast meat, fish, eggs, dairy products), the rest — with vegetables (haricot, beans, nuts, seeds, vegetables).
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Carbohydrates are the key supplier of energy.

Carbohydrate-containing food shall constitute a diet basis for 50%. Do not be confused by this figure — cellulose, vitamins and minerals also belong to this group, as they are often concentrated in products with a high content of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are divided into:

  • simple carbohydrates are quickly metabolized and give instant inflow of energy. They are irreplaceable when it is necessary to cheer up and restore forces. For example, if you drink after training a glass of sweet water or eat several segments of chocolate, fatigue will fade away. The matter is that sugar in a digestive tract is split to glucose, and that is a simple carbohydrate — a source of fast energy;
  • complex carbohydrates are splitting for a long time and give a long charge of energy. Therefore, it is recommended to eat porridge for breakfast – in this case, you stay energetic till a lunch.

Make a Diet Plan

regimeIt’s important to take food at the same time. One of the reasons of excess weight is an energetic imbalance. It happens when the person spends less energy than consumes. The organism needs the energy to ensure the functioning of internal organs, to maintain the constant body temperature and a tone of muscles. It is measured in kilo calories. For a normal vital activity, an adult healthy person has to consume for about 2 500 kilo calories a day. These are average data — individual value depends on the age and anthropometric parameters.

Now imagine: all day you turned like a squirrel in a wheel, ignoring hunger. In the evening you finally sat at the table and ate all and much. To an emaciated organism not before calculation of calories. Soon after a dinner, you went to sleep. Such alimentary behavior also leads to the energetic imbalance and, as a result, to excess weight.

  • Try to eat several times at the same time every day to avoid excess weight. Never miss a breakfast – it is the most important meal. The master in the field of public health care Kathleen M. Zelman many times pointed to this issue. The nutritious breakfast not only gives forces, but also catalyzes start of the “sleeping” metabolism, increases working capacity and improves mood.
  • It is necessary to have dinner in an interval between 13 and 16 hours. At the same time, it is necessary to eat not only the second course, but also soups. It influences digestion positively and helps to keep water balance of the organism. We receive a part of liquid necessary for an organism with food. If for some reason you can’t have dinner and your energy is running out, it is always possible to fill up energy reservoir with a protein bar or sweet aerated water. They will help you to hold on till a dinner. The last meal has to occur no later than two-three hours before going to bed. To go sleeping with a full stomach means to violate power balance and face problems with digestion.
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Lead a Healthy Active Lifestyle

activeSo, 2 500 kilo calories are necessary for the maintenance of the main metabolic processes. The higher degree of physical activity, the more energy the organism needs.

It is possible to restore forces after vigorous physical activity, for example, by means of a glass of fruit juice or a jar of aerated water. Both drinks contain sugar — quick carbohydrate, a glucose source. Due to it, these drinks are sources of quick energy. But don’t forget about the standard daily rate of sugar consumption. Follow the amount of sugar which is contained in dishes and drinks.

Drink Enough Water

  • The organism consists of water for 55–65%. Hydration is very important for health;
  • The individual norm is calculated by a formula: 40 ml on each kilogram of weight. It is necessary to increase liquid consumption in hot weather and during physical activity;
  • It is possible to support water balance by any drinks: juice, a fruit drink, sweet aerated water, tea — all of them consist of water for 85–99%, they satisfy thirst perfectly and saturate organism cells with the vital moisture.

Have a bite correctly

Time of a decent lunch didn’t come yet, and the feeling of hunger already rises. What to do in this situation? Have a bite! But no bread and sandwiches. A snack has to be correct to bring a positive effect to the body.

  • Hold near apples, bananas, nuts, the Greek yogurt, cottage cheese or the hard-boiled eggs. These are useful and incredibly nutritious products which will help to cope with the feeling of hunger;
  • Besides, don’t store harmful food in the house. Chips, popcorn — all this is tasty, sometimes you may afford these products. Even if you have a steel will power, there will come the moment when it cracks. You’d better not keep these temptations at the house.
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Don’t Wait for Instant Changes

“I will keep to a diet and become slim and healthy at once”. That is a mental trap for almost every man who wants to start a healthy nutrition. However, development of healthy food system demands methodical and long work. Don’t wait for instant results!

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, and ease and harmony will come gradually. You will certainly notice these positive changes!